Ohio Concealed Handgun License Class

Cost: $125

Short Description: Successful completion of this course meets and exceeds legal requirements to obtain a concealed handgun license for Ohio residents.

More Details: State law requires this course to be a minimum of eight hours long. Students will receive classroom instruction on the "fundamentals" in the morning. Proper grip, stance, sight picture, sight alignment, etc. We focus on building a good foundation upon which a proper "defensive pistol" skill set can be built. You will learn dry fire drills you can perform at home to help retain the skills you are taught. Additionally, you will learn safe handling procedures for firearms, proper storage of handguns and ammunition, along with the ability to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to fire a handgun in a safe manner. A written examination, also required by law, will be administered before heading to the firing line.

Bring a lunch! I've got a refrigerator if you need it, and a microwave available as well. Drinks (water, pop) and snacks are available for purchase in the range house for your convenience. You are more than welcome to bring a cooler with refreshments if you like!

Your class will include gun handling training on the firing line, with a live fire element to put what you've learned into practice. Range time will include range rules, range commands, live fire experience, along with an assessment of your ability to handle a firearm in a safe manner. We will also evaluate your ability to exhibit the attitude necessary for safely handling a firearm in public. Bring an open mind, and willingness to learn, even if you have prior training, have been shooting your whole life, or already consider yourself a good shot. This is a "defensive pistol" course, you will be learning a specific skill set for that purpose!

After completion of the practical portion of the class and live fire, you will receive instruction regarding the laws regulating defensive use of firearms in Ohio. A copy of the Attorney Generals handbook (Ohio Gun Laws) will be provided for you. We will review information provided by the AG's office for Concealed Carry License Holders, along with unlicensed individuals regarding defensive use of firearms in Ohio. Situational awareness, preparedness, and mindset will also be integrated into this portion of the class.

You will receive a copy of the application necessary for your license, along with instructions for filling it out, and the procedure you will need to follow to submit that application properly.

If you own a handgun already BRING IT… along with 200rnds of the proper practice ammunition for your firearm. You may not use the full 200rnds, but your also not likely to run out! Even if it's not the handgun you will ultimately carry, it is important to learn with the gear you have, the lesson you learn MAY be that's not the firearm you want to depend on to save your life! Extra magazines, a quality holster and gun belt that will support it is a plus. If you DO NOT own a handgun yet, do not run out and buy one just for the class. Remember, this class is about THE FUNDAMENTALS. I will be teaching you how to properly choose a handgun that fits you correctly that will lend itself to an easier time developing accurate, proper shooting technique, that can then be applied to a smaller, more concealable tool! I have loaner firearms on hand, and ammunition for them available for purchase, or coordinate with me ahead of time and bring some ammo with you. I would rather have a new shooter show up NEVER having fired a handgun before VS someone who practiced improperly to "get ready" for the class, and started developing "bad habits" as a result. It's easier to learn the correct way of doing things right off the bat. Breaking poor habits can be difficult. It's all about GOOD muscle memory!

Dress for the weather! Our facility has an OUTDOOR range with covered shooting positions. Ladies, avoid wearing low cut shirts even if it's warm out. Hot brass will be flying. You do NOT want to find out how that feels when one finds it's way down in there!

For further information or clarification about the course, or to schedule private instruction, whether it's introductory firearm familiarization or intermediate and advanced defensive pistol, feel free to call me! I'd be more than happy to answer your questions or schedule some personal range time for you!

Chief Instructor
Aaron Kirkingburg
C: 740-403-5115

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