Buckeye Firearms Youth Shoot

Buckeye Firearms Youth ShootThis is a special 2-day event to offer youth the chance to camp, shoot, and compete. We now hold two shoots a yr at Dillon Sportsman Center, one in the Spring...and one in the Fall!

All trophies, certificates, patches, etc. will be awarded early Sunday afternoon. Please plan to attend the award ceremony to recognize the achievements of these young shooters! First place trophies and second and third place medals will be awarded in each discipline, and youth participants can earn NRA / Winchester Marksmanship Program certificates, shields, and rockers.

Group camping is available for the weekend at no cost. Come on out Friday and set up camp. We ask only that you contact Dillon Sportsman Center in advance for more details.

Activities include a firearm safety class for all new shooters, archery, .22 rifle, and trap shooting for beginners; along with introduction to handgun and skeet activities for more experienced attendees. Participants must be under the age of 18 at the time of the event to qualify as a youth.

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Simply scroll through the upcoming events, and find the current Youth Shoot listing. The live link there will take you to our registration page!

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